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Sunday, April 22, 2007

One traitor down....

'Israeli-Arab' MK Azmi Bishara walked into the Israeli embassy in Cairo today and resigned from the Knesset amid what appear to be serious charges of treason.
Bishara told a group of Egyptian intellectuals late Saturday that he might not return to Israel, to avoid a trial.

According to several people who attended the meeting with Bishara at the Egyptian Press Syndicate, the MK said he was being investigated in Israel on accusations that include "providing enemy with information at a time of war, visiting an enemy country and bringing money illegally into the state of Israel."

"I will not venture going back while these threats still stand," Bishara was quoted as saying by the intellectuals meeting with him. They spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

They also said that Bishara claimed the "accusations are politically motivated and aim at ending his political activities," but had ruled out the possibility of resigning from the Knesset.

Bishara declined to talk to reporters on the record because no official charges have been raised yet.
Given that Bishara is a fan of Hassan Nasrallah and Bashar al-Assad, the charges certainly seem quite plausible. But here's the saddest part:
Next week, the Knesset House Committee is set to discuss revoking some of Bishara's benefits, including his free newspapers and public relations budget.
Why 'some' and not 'all'? And why is this even a topic for discussion?


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