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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Remind me again what you wanted to discuss

Former 'Palestinian foreign minister' Mahmoud Al-Zahar has some insights into what 'talks' with Hamas might be about for Israel:
Former Palestinian foreign minister Mahmoud Zahar said Monday that if Israel agreed to withdraw from the West Bank and release Palestinian security prisoners, the Palestinians would be obligated to negotiate with Israel, since there would be a national purpose involved, Israel Radio reported.

Zahar emphasized, however, that "negotiations" did not mean recognition of Israel.

In an interview with a Hamas-affiliated Web site, the former minister said that there was nothing preventing talks with Israel, as long as the talks did not involve making concessions.

Even the prophet Muhammad, Zahar said, held negotiations with infidels and enemies.

On Friday, Zahar said in an interview that recognizing Israel ran contrary to the teachings of the Koran.
I know - why don't we skip the 'talks' and just give them a state reichlet?


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