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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Caroline Glick on the 'progressives'

In Wednesday's JPost column, Caroline Glick takes up the issue of the 'Union for Progressive Zionism,' an organization that I discussed here. Caroline adds the data point that UPZ is the official US campus representative of both the Labor party and the Meretz party. I understand how they could represent Meretz, but I thought that the Labor party was at least still Zionistic. I suggest that you read the whole thing, but the bottom line is simply classic and I cannot resist quoting it:
THE LEFT'S abandonment of Israel is compounded by the fact that the Palestinian jihad, which is rooted in a Palestinian rejection of the notion of coexisting with Israel, has rendered irrelevant the "progressive Zionist" goal of forcing Israel to withdraw its forces and citizens from Judea and Samaria in order to establish a Palestinian state in the areas, as well as in Gaza and eastern Jerusalem. Instead of accepting this paradigm-shattering truth, "progressive Zionists" have chosen the path of radicalization. Rather than calling on the Arabs to abandon jihad and accept Israel, they have turned to criminalizing Israel for defending itself from the jihadist forces bent on the wholesale slaughter of its citizens.
Like Israel, if American Jews are to have any chance of properly defending themselves, they must first openly identify the trends. As political loyalties and alliances shift, a small people like the Jews must be willing to distinguish friend from foe. This is true whether the friend or foe in question is an Arab or a Jew; a self-proclaimed progressive or a self-proclaimed conservative.
I wonder how well this argument would go over here in LLL Boston. Somehow, I doubt it would go over at all, but I suppose I can try it.

Read it all.


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