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Monday, December 04, 2006

Kuwaiti newspaper reports weapons 'pouring into' Lebanon from Syria

Now, it's not just Israeli army intelligence that says so. According to Abu Kais at From Beirut to the Beltway, the Kuwaiti Arabic daily al-Seyassah is now saying it too. Weapons are 'pouring in' to Hezbullah from Syria. I'm going to leave the links in (although I have had some difficulty opening them) and I don't read Arabic, so if anyone does and wants to comment on the articles, I'd be happy if you did.

According to al-Seyassah, weapons are pouring into the country through the Syrian border, accompanied by terrorist groups run by Syrian intelligence. Fouad Siniora has been advised by world capitals to shut down the border with Syria to prevent a "catastrophe".

Thousands of Syrian reservists and hundreds of intelligence agents who were naturalized during the Syrian era have entered the country and re-organized themselves. According to a diplomat from the Gulf quoted by the Kuwaiti paper, weapons are being "distributed like candy" and Syrian intelligence has returned to posts it had evacuated in 2005.

Tens of trucks reportedly delivered explosives to Hizbullah warehouses in the southern suburb. Parking lots in Beirut, Tripoli, Sidon and Baalbeck have been transformed into workshops to booby-trap cars, in an apparent prepapring for a full scale civil war in the country. (If this is true, the Saudi King's warning that he will not let Lebanon turn into another Iraq suddenly makes sense). Al-Seyassah claimed that Hizbullah moved some of their rockets to Beirut for possible use against security forces protecting the Grand Serail.

In another report, al-Seyassah detailed the sending of thousands of Syrians and Palestinians into Lebanon by the Assad regime (which, incidentally, has openly declared its support for the efforts to topple the government) to incite the demonstrators and enflame conflicts. The Assad regime also instructed its Lebanese mouthpieces to intensify verbal attacks against the Sunni mufti, Maronite patriarch, and the government. It also ordered Hizbullah to keep its blockade of the Serail.


According to al-Seyassah in its December 3 issue, Hizbullah will next move to occupy the Beirut airport by erecting tents on the runways to further isolate the government and stop the visits by European and Arab ministers showing their support. (Notice how Aoun yesterday lashed out at Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the US, France and all countries for supporting Siniora. Also, how can we forget the time Aoun told Siniora that there he will not have time to pack his bags when his day to resign comes, or when the general threatened to burn down the Serail).

It should be clear to all of you that even if this ends quickly and regardless of its outcome, those weapons and Syrian agents, once in Lebanon, are going to stay there (or, in the case of the Syrian agents, are likely to stay there). And when Hezbullah and the Syrians are done with Lebanon, they will turn to Israel. But Olmert, Livni and Peretz just keep on fiddling and pretending that nothing is going on in Lebanon.... And Israel continues to burn....

Oh yes, read the whole thing.


At 12:30 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Someone needs to bomb Damascus. Unfortunately, it won't be Olmert & Co, and the Bush Admin seems to have lost its backbone, too...


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