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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Did the Democrats meet with Hamas?

There's a story in the media tonight that claims that a delegation of 'important Democrats' has met with representatives of Hamas in a European country. The story has been picked up by the Jerusalem Post, by YNet, and by several of my best friends in the blogosphere. All I can say to all of you is: Consider the source.

The source is not the WorldNetDaily or the Jerusalem Post article that all of you are citing, but this report from the 'Palestinian' Maan News Agency (which surprisingly, none of you looked up):
Khan Younis - Ma'an - The Europeans are softening their stance towards Hamas and the Palestinian government, a Palestinian governmental source have revealed.

These sources say the EU's position is changing thanks to efforts taken by Hamas envoys in Europe to hold talks and explain their position and reasons for calling for the non-recognition of Israel.

The source added that the Europeans have begun to deal with the idea of solving the conflict on the basis of a truce, as presented by Hamas, and not on the basis of "land for peace".

The source also said that the most important countries which Hamas is holding a dialogue with are France and Britain. He clarified that these two countries asked Hamas to present a paper in which the movement explains its stance about the truce and its vision. This paper, explaining Hamas' vision for the future and its stance vis-à-vis the conflict with Israel, will be presented to the whole world.

In the American arena, the source said that Hamas has made a great deal of progress after a meeting took place between a delegation from the Hamas movement and many American figures from the Democrat party in a third, unnamed country. The source stressed that the dialogue with the Europeans broke the ice, and the rigidity, of the European position in regard to Hamas. Hamas has persuaded them to accept the long-term truce without recognizing Israel, the source said. The source added that the dialogue with the European has allowed new ideas about Hamas to crystallize.

He ended, "The next few days will witness more meetings with Europeans in more than one country and in America in order to further clarify Hamas' stance … based on the truce".
I'm sorry guys. I have as little love for the Dhimmicrats as the rest of you, but I find this report highly suspect:

1. Its source is Hamas via Ma'an.

2. There are NO names given. Not even a hint of what these people's positions are within the party. For all we know, this could be the Democratic State Committee of South Dakota or Michiganistan. No hint either of where this 'meeting' took place (although I have seen other reports that place it in a Scandanavian country). What the heck are "American figures from the Democrat party"? That doesn't even say 'senior.'

3. Do you really believe that even the Dhimmicrats could get away with adopting a position that says no peace - only a long-term truce (which is Hamas' position - a hudna)? Even the Jews aren't that stupid (Mikey Lerner excluded). The Dhimmicrats would lose thousands of votes.

4. Hamas is one of the very few 'Palestinian' terror organizations that is actually anathema to an overwhelming majority of Americans. If the Dhimmicrats actually did this, there would be overwhelming revulsion to it in the American public.

Keep an eye on the story - sure. But I wouldn't run around accepting it as truth just yet. I doubt anyone among - for example - the Democratic Congressional leadership was involved (okay, if you tell me Conyers, I'll believe it).


At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carl I don't know...I thought of that before I posted it but in the end I thought that the bastards would be better of keeping it quiet, not to raise a political fuss in the US. I guess we will see

At 7:54 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...


I agree with all of your names except for Wazman, whom I'm not sure about (my memories of him are mid-70's House Judiciary Committee). But I don't think any of those people would have hidden behind "important Democrats." They would have wanted the publicity.

At 11:14 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Dave, I was going to mention some of them, too. Especially Rangel. You forget Kilpatrick from Detroit, though (not the mayor, but his mother).

"Hamas has persuaded them to accept the long-term truce without recognizing Israel"
--Carl, that sounds to me like the Korean DMZ, the world's longest running official state of war.


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