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Friday, December 08, 2006

Bibi to blog in English

For those who saw my item yesterday about Bibi Netanyahu's blog and asked for him to blog in English, your wish is going to come true:
Opposition Leader Binyamin Netanyahu intends to begin posting a blog in English in the future on his website, his spokesman announced on Thursday.


Netanyahu's spokesman said that the opposition leader wanted to post his articles in English but was looking for a staff of volunteers to help.
What's up with that? You type, you blog!


At 4:15 AM, Blogger naftali said...

I hope the blogo-sphere trumpets his message to the extent that he becomes a quasi foreign relations representative for Israel.Every new moronic statement made by the official outlet is more demoralizing to Jews and harmful to Israel's image than the last moronic statement.Yes he was far too pliable when his butt was in the hot seat, but at least he still speaks
like someone who has managed to maintain his sanity.I hope that he realizes the nascent power possessed
by the yet nascent blogosphere and that his aims with this blog are accordingly ambitious.I hope also that he is fielding his "volunteers"
with such or similar aims in mind

At 7:11 AM, Blogger naftali said...

actually, as per his blog in hebrew he believes that Jews need to topple hamas so that we can dialoge with the our more moderate genocidal enemies.So mabye he isn't all that sane after all.Frankly, any one who talks about any other way to deal with the arabs on and in our borders, other than to first instill in them absolute dread is completely deluded.So, personally, I almost prefer an olmert, whom any sane person recognizes to be insane, spouting his nonsense than a slighty more "sanish" coward who wraps his delusions in convincing rhetoric.
When I hear an Israely leader who says "look the arabs are simply not afraid to kill Jews, We will focus all our efforts into changing this and innocents who wish not to be killed best start working for us or flee,and after they tremble to fire rockets we can discuss the terms of their subjugation to the Jewish state, I'll know i see a sane Jewish leader.Bibi just aint it.


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