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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Better than usual at the UN

The United States' ambassador John Bolton vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that condemned Israel for the accidental shelling of a residential building in Beit Hanoun earlier this week. There's nothing new in that lead. What is new is that four other countries' representatives abstained in the vote on the draft resolution presented by France and Qatar. Those four countries are the United Kingdom, Denmark, Japan and Slovakia.
Representatives from the abstaining nations explained that they believe that the phrasing of the draft was one-sided, unbalanced, and – according to Danish Ambassador Ellen Margrethe Loj - did not include "a more thorough recognition of the complexities on the ground."
Could this mean that the Danes - and for that matter the British - are starting to recognize the 'complexities on the ground' in their own countries? We can only hope so....


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