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Friday, November 10, 2006

Bad for the Jews

The sign above appeared at a recent anti-war rally in San Francisco. Lovely, isn't it? At J O S H U A P U N D I T, Freedom Fighter uses the sign to introduce a post in which he - unfortunately because it is bad for the Jews (and for Israel) - gives an incisive analysis of what we can expect from Washington in the coming months. It's not good.
President Bush, anxious to make nice to the new Congress and somehow try and survive the next two years (more on that later) is more than willing to accomodate the Democrats with a long history of Israel bashing slated to be in control of Congress. They include people like John Conyers(D-MI),Charley Rangel( d-NY), George Miller(d-CA),Neil Abercrombie(d-HI), and John Dingall (d-MI)

For a start, Israel Prime Minister Olmert, scheduled to have a meeting with the President November 13th has been advised that a meeting now would be `untimely.'

President Bush's official line now is that he's waiting for bipartisan Iraq commission headed by ex-secretary of state James Baker and former Democratic congressman Lee Hamilton to submit their report, and thus feels Olmert should postpone his visit at this time.

Since that report will cover the entire range of US policies for the Middle East and the Arab and Muslim world, including the Palestinians, Bush is planning on coming to a concensus with the Democrats on these findings. I doubt it will be too difficult.

James Baker is no friend of Israel, and this report can be expected to base the magic solution of Middle East problems, including the exit strategy of the US from Iraq on the Palestinian-Israeli issue...which translates into intense pressure on Israel to make further concessions `for peace' ala' Oslo.

This is the Saudis' viewpoint, it was exactly Baker’s line under Bush Sr. back in the 1980s and it coincides with the viewpoint of Washington's new Democratic party overlords, particularly the new Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

Additionally, a number of strong friends of Israel like Curt Weldon, JD Hayworth, Rick Santorum and George Allen have left the building.

And Bush, of course, has nothing to lose by throwing Israel to the wolves at this point.
Read it all.


At 10:51 PM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...

And given the low level of interest in Israel by a shamefuly growing number of American Jews, who are dhimmicrats, as Carl pointed out earlier?

They have grown far too complacent, and the Shoah is not something they seem to remember.Here in NY, far too many people have already wiped 9/11 out of their memory banks.

Just what do they think the arabs want to do to us? Sit down to a friendly game of Shesh Besh?

Yes, I fear that it is going to be very bad for the Jews with the Congress we have been handed. And 2008?

At 10:09 AM, Blogger M. Simon said...

This may not be so bad in the long run. It may finally peel Democrats like my 87 year old mother from the Ds.

Without the Jews the Ds will have a hard time.

At 4:49 PM, Blogger Beach Girl said...

Carl, I have been decompressing from the election results and not finished yet but I have started to come out of it, not going to rush as I have ranted for days - won't link here. Anyone who whats to see what a wildwoman I have been please visit.

To the issue at hand, we have 49 Republicans in the Senate, some will cave - they will be booted out in 2008 or 2010. Voters here are getting rid of folks who in the Congress tried to out liberal the liberals.

On Israel - do not lose heart. The Christians support Israel and will continue to do so. The Jews in America may be trying to "pick" the side they think will "save" them but they are betting on the wrong horse. It is and always has been the Christians in America who side with Israel.

Yes, please kick out your weak leaders. We need you to have strong ones who will give not one thread's worth of land to your sworn enemies. Americans support you by and large. This is only for two years - my prediction.

I see Netenyahu (sp) as strong but someone that is strong like that would be WONDERFUL as this time.

Be of good heart, San Francisco is the wretched of America - it is not our best and finest - not any longer.


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