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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pizza on the Park finds a Jew it likes

Pizza on the Park is located in the Knightsbridge section of London and is part of the Pizza Express chain. I wouldn't set foot in it, because it is undoubtedly not Kosher. But here's another reason not to go there: they've found a Jew that they like, and he's not a pretty sight.

Gilad Atzmon was born in Jerusalem and served in the IDF. Yes, it's possible to be born in Jerusalem, serve in the IDF and come out an anti-Semite. Welcome to the Israeli public educational system. Atzmon is a jazz musician, who mixes his music and his politics. Last week, he appeared at Pizza on the Park to entertain the guests. The appearance was filmed by al-Jazeera.

Atzmon - you probably felt this coming - is a Holocaust denier or at least a Holocaust 'questioner':
As it seems, without engaging ourselves with the many questions concerning the validity of the widely accepted Holocaust narrative, we can safely ask what the Auschwitz Narrative is there to serve. Who benefits from the Auschwitz account? We are entitled to ask why the official Holocaust narrative is so widely promoted by different and opposing political institutions. Is it a result of highly sophisticated and orchestrated Jewish propaganda? I am not so sure anymore.
Atzmon is anything but a lover of Jews:
The J’s are the ultimate chameleons, they can be whatever they like as long as it serves as some expedient. As soon as you criticise their expansionist militant national beliefs (Zionism) you hurt them as a race (Semites), they would insist that anti Zionism is in practice a form of anti Semitism. When you condemn their racist tendencies, they are transformed immediately into an innocent cultural identity (merely chicken soup consumers). When you criticise their exclusive cultural leanings, they then become a race again (it isn’t me it’s all down to my mother, she is Jewish, I am just a consequence of her racial belonging). But it goes further, when you scrutinise their racist and supremacist religious law (Talmud) they remind you that most of them are in fact secular (true by the way), but then, when you question their secular philosophy, they would immediately confess that, in fact, there is no such philosophy. You may push your luck and ask them what stands at the core of their ethnic belonging. A readymade answer would be given instantly: ‘it is Hitler rather than Moses who made us into J’s’. Hitler never asked for our religious beliefs, he killed us just for being J’s.’ When you remind them that Hitler is no longer with us, they would assure you that a new one is just about to be born. Basically you can never win. But neither can they.
He accuses Israel of fomenting anti-Semitism:
In its perpetuation of anti-Jewish feeling Zionism has two principal aims. The first is simply to convince Jews that Israel is their safest option. The second is more interesting: to shatter any possibility for criticism of Israel. Zionist lobbies present all critical views of Israel as a form of anti-Semitism. Zionists are now very well trained in plucking on the gentile guilt string. This method is very effective because most westerners fail to grasp the vicious deception entangled within the Zionist identity. Zionism is grounded on a very specific realisation of the Jewish identity as a synthesis of racial awareness, religious awareness and nationalistic awareness.
Atzmon believes that Jews rule the world:
The idea that Zionists have taken over America might sound bizarre in the first instance but we must remember that this kind of strange scenario does happen. Last month I heard Israel Shamir's observation regarding this very issue. In a very open manner he said that no one would be surprised to hear that during different phases of the British Empire the world was governed by a very close group of 'Eton' graduates. "Some times" he added, "great empires are taken over by very marginal groups". We might have to acknowledge that this is the case with America. American foreign policy is dictated by a very marginal group of Zionist activists, even by the state of Israel itself. Good news for Israel, quite an amazing achievement for a microscopic state. But is it good news for the American people? Is it good news for the world?
And he's waiting for the day that Israel collapses:
Very much like their biblical ancestors, the Israelis like to see their enemy beaten to death,whether it is an old dying Arafat or a family annihilated by a gun ship in Gaza. As terrifying as it sounds, the pain of others makes the Israelis cheerful. This is the only explanation for the murderous activities enacted by the Israeli army in occupied territories. This is the only explanation for them bullying the dying Arafat even when it was clear that he was on his last legs. The concept of compassion is completely foreign to them.

It now appears that the emancipation of the Jewish people that led to the birth of Zionism: a racist, colonialist and nationalist state, is now evolving into its very last phase: a sadistic manifestation. Israel is engaged in the daily bullying of the Palestinian people. When bullying gets boring, they go for the kill; when killing gets boring, they humiliate the dying Arafat. The Israelis enjoy their overwhelming power. At the end of the day, it must be quite good fun to threaten the entire region with your colossal nuclear destructive power.

But then, it is not entirely surprising that the Western world and especially the Europeans are uneasy with the latest manifestation of Zionism. They stand and stare at current events with a sense of familiarity. For Westerners, the passion of Arafat and the via-delerosa of the Palestinian people isn’t a revelation, it is merely a
repetition. A repetition of the birth of the entire Western ethos, an ethos that is based upon the denunciation of sadism and the endorsement of empathy. Israel is going the other way, it is the narcissistic embodiment of any possible inhuman sense. It is the celebration of cruelty. History teaches us that when sadistic narcissism reveals its face, the end should be anticipated. Israel's days are numbered; it is just a question of time before they turn against themselves.
At the end of the day, protests against Atzmon's appearance by the organized Jewish community in England went for naught:
The Board of Deputies of British Jews has lodged a complaint with the pizza chain. Jon Benjamin, chief executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said: "Atzmon has associated himself with the most extreme views about Jews, the Holocaust and Israel generally and he makes no secret of the fact that his politics and his music are equally important to him.

"He frequently uses the platforms he is given as a musician to propagate his strident political views and his Web site is complete with his musings on Jewish conspiracies and Israeli criminality. This is quite unacceptable and we will be protesting to Pizza Express in the strongest terms," he added.

A spokesperson for Pizza on the Park said: "Gilad Atzmon has been hired for his musical talents as an internationally recognized, respected and award-winning saxophonist and composer and who has performed to audiences all over the world as well as London's premiere jazz venues. His performances at Pizza on the Park have attracted great interest."
In August, Paul Bagdanor wrote regarding Atzmon:
But even these worthies would find it hard to outdo the London-based Gilad Atzmon, who recently imparted this insight: “To regard Hitler as the ultimate evil is nothing but surrendering to the Ziocentric discourse… [Israel’s] vulgar biblical barbarism on the verge of cannibalism… is wickedness with no comparison.” Atzmon is heavily promoted by radical leftists on both sides of the Atlantic.
But at least someone seems to be onto Atzmon's act:
HE BLOCKHEADS saxophonist-turned-jazz star GILAD ATZMON has hit back at UK Jewish lobbying group the Board Of Deputies (BOD) after being branded an "anti-Semite" on launching his satirical Zionist alter ego ARTIE FISHEL on London's jazz scene.

The award-winning musician's concerts at trendy venue Pizza On The Park last week (ends21OCT06) were targetted by "abusive" protestors, who tried to force the organisers to cancel Atzmon's sell-out gigs.

Jewish Atzmon vehemently denies claims of racism or anti-Semitism, insisting Artie Fishel and the Promised Band are pure satire. But the SEX AND DRUGS AND ROCK 'N' ROLL star, famed for his work with late rocker IAN DURY, has been lambasted and threatened by the BOD, who he claims have grossly misrepresented him.

He says he is "embarrassed by the saga. [He ought to be embarassed. CiJ] (The venue) had to hire bouncers to protect its customers. (But) Artie is predominantly an entertainer. Some may see him as a glimpse into the Israeli and Zionist mindset, others may just laugh.

"My management and I worked very hard to remove any elements which may be considered offensive. ." A spokesperson for Pizza On The Park adds, "Atzmon has been hired for his musical talents as an internationally recognized, respected and award-winning saxophonist."
I had not heard Atzmon's name before I read about his Pizza on the Park appearance. That is probably because unlike most Jewish anti-Semites, Atzmon does not come from the world of academia. But I will keep an eye out for him, and you should too.


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