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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Iran and Israel

The American Thinker believes that in the aftermath of the Lebanon War, an Iranian attack on Israel is R"L more likely than before.
The bottom line for Iran is that none of the above options, by themselves or in combination, represent an effective response to the geostrategic circumstances in which it finds itself in the aftermath of the war in Lebanon. As a result, a large-scale Iranian attack against Israel with Syria ’s help is certainly not a wildly hypothetical possibility in the war’s wake. While risky, Tehran may feel this option offers the best prospect of blunting the effects of a likely Israeli preemption.

In this context, the culmination of recent military exercises with the test firing of a one-ton guided flying bomb is telling. While the publicity accorded the test may indicate Iran deterrent motives, for instance by signaling its ability to hold the Dimona reactor hostage, the fact remains that Iran is developing the capacity to hit hardened targets. This could facilitate an attack on Israel, by seeking to surprise the IAF in its hangars or even preempting Israel’s reported hardened storage sites of its nuclear warheads.
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At 3:56 AM, Blogger Kranky (in the civilized world) said...

OT: perception of reality


Have a look at this link, and more specifically at the comments.

Some sizeable fraction of us understand what is going on, have a clue. Read the comments section, ignore the main text of CAIR whining.

Some choice quotes:

"Muslims do little or nothing to combat anti-Muslim sentiment. Ít is their actions and words that bring on negative sentiment and it is their victim mentality that spawns most complaints. Maybe if they would condem violent acts by fellow Muslims instead of justify them, non-Muslims might see them in a different light."

"Maybe people wouldnt have a negative view of Muslims if they didnt bomb civilians, and threaten to kill everyone that doesnt do as they say. Shoot nuns, and behead women and children. Why arent these reasonable Muslims getting outraged and burning effigies of those radicals that have hijacked their religion and turned it into a violent, intolerant, murdering cabal? If they got their own houses in order, maybe others would be less horrified at their behaviour as a whole."

Wow. Now only if Eurabia would get a clue.


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