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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hamas cabinet resigns

The Hamas cabinet resigned this evening to clear the way for the 'Palestinian unity government' according to a report from Al-AP, and 'moderate Palestinian President' Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen is sending a delegation to the UN to try to revive the 'road map' piece by piece plan.

Government spokesman Ghazi Hamad said that the ministers 'handed their portfolios' to 'Prime Minister' Ismail Haniyeh. It's not clear how those 'ministers' who are in jail handed in their portfolios, or whether 'foreign minister' Mahmoud Zahar came out of hiding to hand in his resignation. The next step will be Haniyeh's resignation. Abbas would then pick a candidate to form a new government, who will likely be Haniyeh.

Hamas said it would not object if Fatah resumed 'peace talks' with Israel. Given that Hamas will have seven ministers in the new 'cabinet', that Fatah will have four, and that various other 'extremist groups' will have the rest, it is not clear to me how the new 'cabinet' will authorize 'peace talks'. Maybe they're 'planning' to have Ron Pundak represent Fatah on the sly. But Hamas says that under no circumstances will it recognize Israel's 'right to exist.'

I don't believe that the world is falling for this nonsense. The rest of the world could not be that stupid. What I do believe is that the Eurabian sympathizers are acting willfully blind to reality in order to allow them to resume their addiction to feeding the 'Palestinian Authority' without appearing to be anti-Semitic and/or irrational.


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