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Monday, August 14, 2006

This Ongoing War: 11-Aug-06: Remembering the Sbarro Massacre

This Ongoing War: 11-Aug-06: Remembering the Sbarro Massacre

Today, the 20th day of the Jewish month of Av, is the 5th Yahrtzeit of (anniversary of the Jewish date of death) of the fifteen people murdered on that day. While many of us remember where we were the day that the Sbarro massacre happened and some of us remember other details about it, for the families of those murdered - I could call them martyrs, but unfortunately that word has been so cheapened by the other side of this conflict that I am afraid it would give you the wrong idea - life changes and life goes on. Frimet Roth's daughter Malki was murdered in Sbarro along with one of Malki's best friends, Michal Raziel. Over the years, Frimet has gotten to know some of the other families whose loved ones were murdered in Sbarro. In this article, she talks about how they have coped with their tragic loss. Unfortunately, for the victims of terror and their families, the terror attack itself is often only the beginning....

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