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Sunday, August 13, 2006

No cluster bombs to Israel?

On Friday, I reported that an Israeli request for expedited delivery of M-26 artillery rockets, which are short-range antipersonnel rockets armed with cluster munitions, which Israel could use to strike Hezbollah missile sites in Lebanon, was being held up by US State Department opposition. This morning, YNet is reporting that opposition has hit the Congress as well:

The sale of these cluster bombs to Israel was approved prior to the July 12th outbreak of fighting in Lebanon , although the final delivery was not executed. Israel intended to accumulate the bombs to prepare for the possibility of war with Arab nations. With the onset of the battle with Hizbullah, the need for them became urgent in order to deal with the organization's rocket launchers.

However, in Congress, which needs to approve the final delivery, voices of dissent have made themselves heard, claiming that such weaponry will increase civilian casualties. Congress is reevaluating their decision regarding the shipment and, in the event that it is approved again, delivery of the cluster bombs will come with a warning for Israel to be extra-careful in their use in Lebanon.


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