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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Iran re-arming Hezbullah

Jane's Defence Weekly is reporting via YNet that Iran is arming Hezbullah with surface-to-air missiles.
Hizbullah will receive shipments of surface-to-air missile systems in the coming months from Iran, enhancing the terror organization's ability to shoot at Israel Air Force crafts, according a Jane's Defense Weekly report released on Friday.

During a July meeting, Hizbullah called on Tehran to "accelerate and extend the scope of weapon shipments from Iran to the Islamic Resistance, particularly advanced missiles against ground and air targets."

The magazine added that Hizbullah sought "an array of more advanced weaponry, including more advanced SAM (surface-to-air missile) systems."


"The details coming from the meeting reveal that they are about ensuring a constant supply of weapons to support Islamic Resistance operations against Israel," said Robin Hughes, Jane's Middle East Editor.

"We are told the latest meeting was attended by senior representatives of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps' Quds force which is responsible for training and logistic support for Iranian-backed insurgent groups."

The magazine also stated that Tehran supplied Hizbullah with Iranian-made Noor radar-guided anti-ship cruise missiles and Chinese QW-1 (Vanguard) shoulder-launched SAMs.

Russian made SAMs will, according to reports, be supplied at a later date.
The Israel Air Force is already taking precautions against surface-to-air missiles in Lebanon.


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