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Thursday, August 10, 2006

From a safe room in Israel, a mother fears for her sons.

This comment came from the Philadelphia Inquirer. From her description, I suspect this lady is like the liberal who gets mugged and becomes a conservative.
I moved here from New York in 1991, armed only with idealistic hopes for peace. My husband and I raised our six children to be open-minded and tolerant with our neighbors of all religions. As a Muslim friend told me by phone from her basement shelter, "It's too bad that Hezbollah fighters don't see the relationships that Muslims and Jews have here." One group I'm involved with, Acco Vision - a core of Jewish, Muslim, Druze and Christian women - built a Playground for Peace in the heart of the city of Acco, about six miles from Nahariya. So far, no missiles have struck the playground but dozens have landed less than a mile away. Clearly, Islamic fundamentalists cannot tolerate the peaceful coexistence of religions here in Israel.

I thought that by the time our three sons grew up, the Middle East conflict would come to an end and they would do their military service during more peaceful times. Yet all three of our sons currently serve in the Israel Defense Forces - in yet another battle for our existence. Nadav, deaf in one ear, trains special combat units in the Golani Brigades. Ari was injured during basic training and, after finishing physical therapy, plans to return to his service. Shlomie, a medic in the paratroopers, was recently wounded by shrapnel in heavy fighting in Aita-al-Shaab, a village in southern Lebanon.

Shlomie will survive his wounds, but dozens of his comrades were wounded and three soldiers lost their lives. Shlomie was fighting next to Michael Levin, the soldier who moved from Bucks County to serve in the Israeli army. Shlomie said that after Michael was wounded, he picked him up and carried him to a safer area. Right before Michael died in his arms, Shlomie told him, "I love you, Michael. I'm sorry."

I'm sorry, too, that the world I am passing on to our children is still so full of wars and conflicts and hatreds. Israel will survive Hezbollah's attacks, just as it has survived its other enemies. But I can no longer joke about the dangers of living here or the huge price Israelis continue to pay just to stay alive.
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