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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Where's the cash?

It seems that Mahmoud Zahar and the 'Palestinian Authority' are not the only cash basis terrorists in this region. YNet is reporting that one of the consequences of this war with Hezbullah is that the IAF is doing its share to reduce the world's money supply:
Military sources said warplanes attacked structures in which Hizbullah stores its money; among the targets hit were the four el-Mal (Money house) buildings in Bint Jbeil, Nabatiyeh, Baalbek and the Tyre area.

In addition, the “Shahid Fund” financial office in Beirut was also attacked by IAF jets, as were buildings used for Hizbullah financial operations in the capital.

The attacks are aimed at hindering Hizbullah’s ability to recuperate following the conclusion of the IDF operation in Lebanon.
They would have been better off storing them under their mattresses (although here in Israel, in the days when it was illegal to hold foreign currency for more than three months after your return to the country, the joke used to be that you stored your foreign currency under a tile in the kitchen floor).

Guess the "Shahids" will have to get by with their 72 raisins.


At 5:25 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

You should read this:

Israel's moment

By Lawrence Kudlow
July 19, 2006



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