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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Two people killed in Katyusha attacks on northern Israel

I'm having trouble getting the Post's web page to come up on my screen this morning, but the following is from their Israel Alert service:
Two people killed and others wounded in barrage on north

Two people were killed and at least four wounded in a barrage of rockets that hit Haifa and Karmiel on Sunday morning.

Sirens were sounded in Zichron Yaakov as well.

Zichron Yaakov is south of Haifa along the coast. It is further south than the Katyushas have reached to this point.


At 1:00 PM, Blogger layan said...

Dear Mr. Carl
I really liked your blogs...
and I understand how is it feels to have people you know being killed without any rational reason...
My boyfriend lived in haifa and I'm not able to talk to him!!
Also I have friends in lebanon who went there for the summer...but they don't know whether they're coming back or not...

thank you for reading my comment
I will be more than happy to receive and reply to anything you wish to say...



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