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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So much for that

Yesterday, I reported that Israel's bombing of Tyre must have been effective, because Haifa - which was being hit continuously hit from Tyre - did not suffer any rocket attacks yesterday. It will be interesting to hear whether Hezbullah is back up and running in Tyre, or whether they hit Haifa from someplace else. In any event, the Jerusalem Post's Israel Alert is reporting that sixteen rockets hit Haifa this afternoon. Three people were lightly wounded by shrapnel and were taken to Rambam Hospital. Let's hope that's all.

Update 12:56 PM

They've just updated the wounded count:

25 wounded, two moderately, as 16 rockets hit Haifa

11 people were lightly wounded in the Tuesday afternoon barrage; another 12 were suffering from shock.


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