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Monday, July 03, 2006

Shalit's kidnappers issue new ultimatum

Gilad Shalit's kidnappers have issued a new ultimatum, according to which the three Palestinian terror groups have given Israel until 6 a.m. Tuesday to start releasing Palestinian prisoners or "pay the full future consequences."

The statement was faxed to news agencies this morning, and did not say what those consequences would be.

The fax said: "We give the Zionist enemy until 6:00 tomorrow morning, Tuesday, July 4. If the enemy does not respond to our humanitarian demands mentioned in previous leaflets on the conditions for dealing with the issue of the missing solder...we will consider the current file of the solider to be closed ... and then the enemy must bear all the consequences of the future results."

The fax was posted on the official Hamas military wing Web site. It had the same letterhead and font as three earlier statements the factions released.

As I noted earlier this morning, all nine members of Israel's 'security cabinet' are opposed to any prisoner exchange.


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