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Friday, July 14, 2006

Lebanese Bloggers

Lawhawk has a rundown of Lebanese blog posts on the northern front war with Hezbullah that I think you will find interesting. Here is a sample from a very lengthy post that's a good rundown of what was published in the blogsphere yesterday regarding this war:
Lebanesebloggers has been blogging this crisis as it develops, and this posting is interesting:
Last but not least, Aoun, Hizbullah's strategic ally, has told PM Seniora in a phone conversation that he supports any decision the government settles on. I wonder where all the insults that were being hurled on the government for the past month went. If Aoun is a "sovereignist", then how does he explain Hizbullah's solo move? And wouldn't his endorsement of the government right now be a contradiction to what he has been saying all along, including calls to overthrow the Cabinet?

I am offended and worried. Yet, right now the only convictions keeping me going are that the government has acted in a manner that represented many Lebanese and that the Lebanese people believe in their country and in the good life just enough not to allow Lebanon become a ghost town.
Hizbullah wants to have it both ways, and is making trouble for all of Lebanon by taking actions against Israel.

Bob at the Lebanon Heart Blogs hates what Hizbullah has wrought on their country. He curses Hizbullah for this - and demands peace with Israel now. The anger is directed at Hizbullah, not Israel. Interesting.

Mustafa thinks that the Israeli blockade will backfire as common misery will create bonds among those suffering. However, he also points out that Hizbullah is responsible for this mess but then curiously states that he will support Hizbullah until this crisis is past at which time a reckoning will come.
The time will be one of public reckoning and accountability. We will be free to voice our discontent, publicly and through institutions without the fear of being called traitors. We will make it clear to the world that Hezbollah is not speaking for all the Lebanese. We will make it well known that we will no longer accept unilateral decisions pertaining to war and peace. No more taking solo decisions and asking for collective support. No more messing up and asking us to shut up. No more missiles launched without the approval of the government.

Our wrath will be very public, but for now, our hearts will be with our brothers in Hezbollah.
Open Lebanon aggregates Lebanon related bloggings and news.
Check it out.


At 7:00 PM, Blogger lawhawk said...

Thanks for the link. Kesher Talk has more reactions from Lebanese and Arab bloggers as well. Also, Instapundit has reaction from an American tourist who's stranded in Beirut and gauging the reaction in the city.


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