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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Israeli special forces operating around Beirut

I've already managed to confirm a couple of the points in Harvey's email.

First, there's a flashing headline on HaAretz's web page that cites a Channel 10 report that Israeli warplanes are flying over Beirut.

Second, DEBKAfile confirms three 'critically injured' soldiers (probably the same three that Harvey says died). They are also saying that the eleven wounded we've been hearing all day are civilians only - there were six soldiers injured on top of that.

Third, in the same report, DEBKAfile is also saying that the two kidnapped soldiers are both Druze. For those who were not aware, most Druze do army service here.

Fourth DEBKAfile also confirms Harvey's report about the bridges and more:
Israeli reinforcements are streaming north. The Israeli force is running into roadside bombs and heavy anti-tank rocket and missile fire in the chase for the Hizballah kidnappers who snatched two soldiers early Wednesday, 12 July.

Israel warplanes are striking bridges and Hizballah command posts. Naval ships are bombing Hizballah coastal positions.

DEBKAfile’s military sources: Preparations for the Hizballah kidnap operation were sighted well in advance at its border positions. The attack did not therefore come as a surprise. Nonetheless the first IDF probe conducted after the attack found that a Hizballah commando unit transferred from its Baalbek base had managed to infiltrate the northern border, lie in wait for two Israeli Hammer jeeps patrolling the border, and blow them up at around 0900 a.m., injuring 6 soldiers, three critically.

After long moments, medical teams arrived and only then were the two kidnapped soldiers found missing.

There is a strong parallel between the Hizballah kidnap operation and the Hamas attack and abduction of Gilead Shalit on June 25. The result is that Israeli is now fighting on two fronts and forced to stage incursions into two territories evacuated by its troops and used as terrorist strongholds. The Lebanese front differs from the Hamas front in Gaza in that Hizballah has arrayed its 12,000 rockets and missiles on the ready. Within their range are Israel’s northern cities from Nahariya to Haifa and Hadera in central Israel. Should the war situation escalate, Syrian military and air intervention cannot be ruled out.
Wasn't fleeing Southern Lebanon a great idea? /sarcasm


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