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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

IAF resumes bombing of Beirut

The IAF resumed bombing Beirut today, destroying ten buildings in the city, including a "vital target" it would not discuss. It was the first time the IAF has bombed Beirut in two days. Several blasts went off in central Beirut, and then smoke billowed up from Southern Beirut, which is a Hezbullah stronghold.

Al-Jazeera television said 20 IAF rockets hit Dahiyah.

Earlier, IAF aircraft destroyed the Hizbullah Katyusha launcher that fired 16 rockets at Haifa less than an hour before, wounding 23 people. The strike was the latest in a series of IAF offensives against Hizbullah targets on Tuesday morning.

In the first few hours of daylight, the IAF hit 15 Katyusha launch sites in south Lebanon. In addition, the IDF destroyed 18 buildings in Tyre that were used by Hezbullah, six weapons warehouses throughout Lebanon and two cars suspected of carrying Hizbullah operatives near Tyre.


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