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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Comrade Peretz Feeds and Fuels the 'Palestinians'

You would have thought that with the IDF all over Southern Gaza and with an IDF Corporal being held captive, the last thing Israel would be doing would be opening the crossings between Israel and Gaza to non-military traffic. You would have been wrong.

YNet is reporting tonight that Defense Minister Amir Comrade Peretz approved the reopening of the Karni Crossing for four days, during which 150 trucks bearing food and humanitarian supplies will be allowed into the Gaza Strip. The trucks are being sent by the UN and other international organizations. Another crossing is expected to be opened in northern Gaza for the transfer of gasoline. Where do they plan to drive?

Update 1:10 AM

I found an answer to my own question. YNet's update is inaccurate. It's apparently not just gasoline that the 'Palestinians' need - it's diesel. This is from the Washington Post:

Since Shalit's capture, Israel has sealed the only fuel pipeline into Gaza. Gasoline and diesel supplies are running low, and U.N. aid officials are warning of an impending humanitarian crisis in the strip.

An Israeli airstrike this week destroyed all six transformers at the only power-supply plant in Gaza.


About half of Gaza's 1.4 million people have been left without electricity, and those who can afford to have turned to generators. [I thought none of these people had any money. CiJ]

But generators, including those pumping most of the 132 public water wells in the strip, are quickly sapping fuel supplies. U.N. aid officials worry that once the fuel runs out, running water will become scarce.

So the 'Palestinians' need diesel to run the generators that pump the water and that are providing the wealthy among them with electricity.

If they let Shalit go and stopped shooting Kassams, they wouldn't have these problems.


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