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Friday, July 14, 2006

Arabs encourage Israel to crush Hezbullah

YNet is reporting that an Arabic web site maintained by the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has received comments from Arab surfers encouraging Israel to be tough with Hezbullah:
Officials in the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, where an Arabic language internet website is being operated, were surprised to read comments by two surfers calling on Israel to use tough military action against Hizbullah and Hamas.

"If Israel doesn't take very very tough offensive actions against this terror, it will open the doors of hell on herself," a reader wrote.

"Arabs understand only the language of force. If they feel Israel is weak they will carry on until it is completely destroyed. That's how they think. What is stopping them is your force and if this thinking evaporates, even if only in their minds, Israel would heavy prices in civilians and casualties. Israel has to be strong until peace is achieved with these terrorists," an anonymous Arab reader wrote.

A British surfer who called himself Said chose to turn directly to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert: "Mr. Olmert, I do not support wars and I am never happy to see Israel losing soldiers and this in order to protect the unsolved of Arabs. But, I believe the State of Israel faces an excellent opportunity to assassinate the extreme Hamas and Hizbullah leadership, which are linked to Syria and Iran who are isolated by the international community."


"Both these groups, who represent an Islamic and reactionary ideology, work together, each with its futuristic views, and also with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in order to disperse their backward ideas among Arab citizens. They are spreading a culture of hate among the young, which sent the Middle East 200 years back," he wrote.

The British reader added that he has been trying to contact an Israeli government officials, especially the prime minister, to offer them advice because he is convinced that the only way to live in peace in the Middle East is to use harsh military actions against terror groups.

"The last couple of years have proved that Arab regimes are unable to face these fundamentalist groups. I believe this is the interest of the Israeli people and Arab peoples to take the lead. Like a tree, Israel is acting to achieve this aim and this is for peace before anything else," he wrote.
At Little Green Footballs, Charles has cut and pasted some of the comments from YNet's site that come from Lebanon. He calls it "Cries of Help from Lebanon:"

24. A message to the IDF

Please free our beloved tortured country from these crazed mullah-followers. Free our land from these bloody syrian and iranian agents. we want to live in peace.

Please take caution to focus your attack where they are and not attack christian areas. we support you and bear you no ill will.

May god bless you.

Lebanese christian, Damour area (07.14.06)

22. Please no more empty words

I beg of Israel not to back off!!!!!!

Please ignore the world and really go after hizbalah.

hizbalah is a foreign iranian/syrian implant in our beloved lebanon.

wipe them out , kill their leaders one by one. we want to live in peace with civilized nations.

Thank you

farid of lebanon (07.14.06)

7. Israel go ahead

I’m lebanese Christian from beirut, i hope Israel can reach hezbolla in their bed and kills them, and also let Israel strike the syrian president,, I wish this strike will finish soon,, with less civilian,, we are in the Christian area of beirut feeling happy about the strike, but psychologically we are affected,,everybody hates hezbolla here,,

I hope this will finish

nadim, lebanon (07.14.06)

13. lebanese

to the person who said that palestinian and lebanese are one people well ur so damn wrong we are not like the palestinien and we do not want to fight their war, we only want out country we want peace and we want to get over with hizbulla, hopefully soon, so don’t link the lebanese to any of the arab world peope caus they are a bunch of f-cked up people

elie, lebanon (07.13.06)
Here are some more that I have taken from the article about the Foreign Ministry web site:
7. it's now or never

does the israeli or israel know that hizbullah and their follwers are a menace to lebanon and that the lebanese gov.? or army ??? are afraid to stand up to those terrorists ?? israel and only israel could wipe out this menace and bring peaece to both country god bless israel and lebanon...
lebanese-NOT ARAB , LEBANON (07.13.06)

24. #12 Sam, response

dear mr sam, of course there are many people in middle east, and not arab, but hating arab, the arab fascists destroyed all civilization in middle east and claimed whole land belonged to them, not only they destroyed the civilization, but the languages, even writing, and...
do you know who are the Phonecian, Zoroasterina, Assyrians, Kaldanians, Coptics, ....
all of them they know who are the arabs and how they destoyed everything, and now when they can not do the same thing to israelis-jews, they wreck havock
thanks god the whole world coming to the realization of realities, thanks to USA who does not submit to be Dhimmi, Thanks god to the 21 century which the concepts of domination is being pale.
thanks god that helped me to escape middle east and live in the land of USA, GOD BLESS USA
middle eastern- , los angeles, usa (07.14.06)


At 3:36 PM, Blogger Jeremayakovka said...

Excellent, promising news, Carl. Reminds me of Sharansky's thesis about supporting dissenters within fear societies. I'm going to link this at my site, Jeremayakovka.


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