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Monday, June 12, 2006

Video footage of Friday beach in Gaza

For those who have not seen it already, I found a link from here to here, where they have video footage of what happened Friday afternoon/evening on the beach in Gaza.

I found a few things about this striking:

1. As the IRIS blog correctly asks, how did it happen that there just happened to be news cameras on the beach when this happened that were ready to roll within seconds? Was the whole thing staged? (Remember Muhammed al-Dura - it took three years before it was finally proven that Israelis could not possibly have shot him at the entrance to Netzarim in the fall of 2000). Judith Apter Klinghoffer also makes the connection to al-Dura, while Gates of Vienna connects the Gaza beach to Jenin and asks how a cameraman just happened to be on the beach waiting for this to happen.

2. The narration - especially on the BBC - was incredibly biased. The camera keeps panning to what we are led to believe is an Israeli gunboat sitting offshore, and we are told that the 'shells' came from there (we now know they did not).

3. The government is going out of its way to show that it has not (yet) taken responsibility. But in effect it has, because it is refusing to take action against those who continue to fire Kassam rockets at Israel. But what do you expect from a government of dhimmis?


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