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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Palestinians illegally in Israel burst through airport entrance

I don't understand this one at all, because we've heard lots of stories here about 'Palestinians' who ran checkpoints and either had their tires shot out or worse.

But HaAretz is reporting that this afternoon, four 'Palestinians' from Ramallah who did not have permission to be in Israel ran a checkpoint at Ben Gurion airport and had to be chased down and cornered by armed guards on an access road to the departure terminal.

The airports authority said that the intrusion was not caused by a 'security failure' (yeah, right), adding that "security forces responded quickly and stopped the motor vehicle well before it managed to reach the terminal." And if it had been a powerful enough car bomb it may not have had to reach the terminal to explode and do damage, and that may have been what the 'Palestinians' were testing.

Not good. More here than meets the eye.


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