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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Palestinian terrorists nearly kidnap two 9th grade girls

How many of you have children in 9th grade? (I would ask how many of you are in 9th grade, but I hope there are no 9th graders reading this without their parents' approval). I have a daughter in 9th grade (that would be Nechama, daughter number 2, child number 4 - she will be 15 next Friday God willing).

Today, two ninth graders were nearly kidnapped by armed Palestinian terrorists at a hitchhiking post near Rechelim junction in northern Samaria. This description of what happened is combined from Arutz Sheva and the Jerusalem Post:

The incident began shortly before 3 PM. Two 9th grade girls were standing at the Rechelim junction on Highway 60, waiting for a ride from Jewish passersby towards Jerusalem. A Chevrolet, carrying three Palestinians passed slowly by, and suddenly two armed Arabs got out and tried to force the two girls into their car. Hadass Mann was able to escape. she crawled into nearby bushes and then stopped moving so she wouldn't be noticed. Her friend, Emuna Shahar was caught by the men and was wounded in the head as they tried to force her into the car. At that point a Nahal Brigade officer drove by, and the three Palestinians gave up on their kidnapping attempts and drove off. The officer picked up the teen in his vehicle, when she told him that she believed her friend was kidnapped, Hadass said.

The Palestinians were caught near Shilo, a short distance away. The IDF believes that they are affiliated with Islamic Jihad.

Parents in Israel - PLEASE DISCOURAGE YOUR CHILDREN FROM HITCHIKING! Hitchiking is a sickness that continues to plague Israeli society, especially among the revenants and the Haredim. It's dangerous for the hitchikers, who don't know who is picking them up, and it is dangerous for the drivers, who don't know whom they are picking up. Two and a half months ago, an Arab terrorist dressed as a Jewish hitchiker blew himself up in a car, killing himself and the car's Jewish occupants. PLEASE DON'T HITCHIKE, DON'T ALLOW OR ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILDREN TO HITCHIKE, AND DON'T ACCEPT OR GIVE RIDES FROM OR TO PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW. IF YOU DO, YOU ARE ENDANGERING YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU.



At 10:51 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Scary what happened to those girls.

I'd say there is one small exception to your hitchhiking warning, which is that if one is "tremping" from a stop that is WITHIN the gates of a yishuv, it's probably alright, since cars are checked on their way into the town.

But tremping on a highway or in Jerusalem is definitely dangerous.

Three things might help:

1- Awareness campaign

2- Improve the economy. Many people simply can't afford to take buses all the time.

3- Better transportation between cities, particularly a more comprehensive (and cheaper) train line, buses running more often especially Fridays, and intercity buses running later into the night (not just until 8:30 pm)


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