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Monday, June 26, 2006

Negotiations over Shalit's release have already hit a snag

This one from DebkaFile has a ring of truth to it. The demand Israel is making is perfectly logical and if the 'Palestinians' have already killed the boy, they won't be able to fulfill it.

Israel has too much experience with Hezbullah in making real concessions to kidnappers in return for 'information.' The army knows that this boy was hurt and that if he is not receiving medical care, he is not likely to survive for long. While the government may negotiate with the terrorists, I don't see them making real concessions for 'information.' I also don't see them getting into a long, drawn-out negotiation, especially if the Kassams start falling again or if there is another attack. The government needs the army for other things: like expelling Jews from 'illegal outposts.'

Hat Tip: New York Nana
Monday afternoon, June 26, the talks ran into an impasse over Israel’s pre-condition for concrete proof that Gilead Shalit is alive before the talks can proceed. Israel demanded a video tape and a short note in his writing.

Israel’s insistence on this point derives from its concern over his condition and need to find out if he is alive and the state of his injuries, if any. The message the intermediaries have been instructed to convey is that the negotiations will go nowhere without this condition being met.

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At 10:21 PM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...


Thanks for the hat tip.

I agree with everything you said, sadly. If he is receiving any medical care at all, I shudder to think of the quality of it.
While they are busy growing homicide bombers, Israel is growing scientists and MD's who now serve at some of the worlds' finest medical institutions, in Israel. These are the same medical centers where the arabs go to for treatment that is the same as given to Israelis. IIRC, a girl was so grateful that she went home to occupied Israeli land and chose homicide bombing as a career, but failed, as the Israeli border guards stopped her.


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