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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Kassams hit the Negev again

Once again this morning, Kassams from the Gaza Strip landed in the Negev portion of Israel. The exact location of where the Kassams landed seems to vary depending upon your source for the news.

The Jerusalem Post says that two Kassam rockets landed at the entrance to Kibbutz Gevim in the western Negev, and that a third landed just outside a high-tech factory in an industrial zone south of Ashkelon. No one was wounded and no damage was reported.

According to the Post, factory workers said that the rocket landed as people started arriving to work, that the explosion was clearly heard and the building was shaken by the force of the explosion.

Ynet says that houses were damaged in Kibbutz Gavim, but no one was injured. A rocket landed near a school. "We heard a loud explosion and we understood it is a Qassam rocket. Panic broke out in the school and teachers calmed down their students," a resident told Ynet.

Another rocket landed in an open field near the Shaar HaNegev industrial zone.

"The Qassam fell at a time when workers arrive to the factory, so we heard the explosion and the building shook. But no one was injured and no damage was caused, because it landed in an open field," an Amdocs worker said.

HaAretz says that one rocket was fired in the middle of the night, and hit the infirmary of Kibbutz Nahal Oz. Damage to the structure was caused, but there were no casualties.

The other two landed at approximately 8 A.M. One landed in a yard in the town of Givim, causing some damage. The other caused some damage to a factory in the industrial zone of Sha'ar Hanegev.

All three websites agree that one woman in Gavim/Gevim/Givim (a conflict in transliteration) was treated for shock.

The IDF retaliated by shelling empty fields in Northern Gaza.
According to an IDF statement read on Army Radio, Israel holds the Palestinian Authority "fully responsible" for events in Gaza. I guess the IDF has decided to take the Jerusalem Post's advice and not mine.


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When will the Gaza Strip be re-taken already?


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