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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Iranians volunteer to die

More than 200 Iranians have volunteered to die - for 'Palestine.'

The Chicago Tribune reports on a rally held in a public cemetery in Teheran at which participants filled out volunteer cards indicating that they are ready, willing and able to become 'martyrs' for 'Palestine.'
"I'm not looking for suicide now, but I'm saying I'm willing to be a martyr," said Fatima, 21, as she sat with dozens of other masked brethren on a hot spring day in Tehran's public cemetery.

"We're all coming here to show we support our brothers and sisters in Palestine and across the Muslim world," she said. "You know, Palestine now is like a fish out of water and we're going to water it with our blood."
At the rally, sponsored in part by Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon about 200 young people chanted, trilled anthems and praised suicide bombers.

They also signed small white pledge cards, giving their names and addresses as a possible contact for a mission to kill. Just like you sign to volunteer to be political activists. Should we call this, 'political activism, Islamic style?'

Conservative writer Amir Mohebian, who counts Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a friend, said that he viewed Ahmadinadinnerjacket's harping on Israel as "a calculation" that makes the Jewish state and its allies jittery.
"The United States thinks rationally about every problem," Mohebian said. "But if you confuse--and if you show a kind of irrationality in your talk--it really confuses the United States."

"Wipe Israel off the map? Really?" Mohebian said with an ironic twist. "Israel has atomic warheads. Maybe we make irrational statements, but we're not mad. ... But by saying things like that, we know the U.S. runs to help Israel--and that's expensive, we think."
But none of those who spoke at the rally about their interest in martyrdom or repaying Israel with pain were so deft in political gamesmanship. They regarded it as real.


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