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Sunday, June 18, 2006

"The End of the Jewish State: Just a Matter of Time."

HaAretz reports that Ahmed Yousef, the political adviser to 'Palestinian Prime Minister' Ismail Haniyeh, is soon going to publish a new book, in English entitled: "The End of the Jewish State: Just a Matter of Time." The new work will be a sequel to an earlier book by Yousef called "The Binational State." Yousef, who is considered a characteristic representative of the 'moderate' wing in Hamas, says he does not hate Israelis or Jews; he just believes Zionism is approaching its end and that in its wake the idea of the Jewish state will also wither and fade.
"Your state is temporary, but the Jewish people will continue to live," Yousef said consolingly this week to an Israeli guest in his office, which is adjacent to the Prime Minister's Bureau. "You will be able to live with us here, in one state, as you lived peacefully under the flag of Islam for hundreds of years."

In recent weeks the idea of a binational state under Islamic rule has been enjoying renewed popularity among Hamas spokesmen. "The Golden Age of the Jews was in Andalusia," they recall. "The Muslims never did you harm." A long-term interim settlement with Israel can also be considered, Yousef believes. The terms? "We will give you a hudna [cease-fire] for 50-60 years. You will give the right of return to all the 1948 refugees, to their homes."
Read the whole thing. And wonder when our naive politicians will wake up.


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