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Monday, June 12, 2006

Comrade Peretz Blocks the Army

Comrade Peretz has blocked the IDF this evening from stepping up its offensive against the Kassam shooters and targetting Hamas leaders who are behind the Kassams according to reports in both the Jerusalem Post and HaAretz. In doing so, Peretz - whose highest rank in the army was captain - rejected the IDF's advice.

But Peretz instructed the IDF to finalize plans for such an operation, which would include the targeted killing of everyone involved in Kassam rocket attacks on Israel including the official Hamas leadership, which he held responsible for the downpour of rockets on the western Negev over the weekend. 'Palestinians' fired more than twenty rockets into Sderot today, wounding two Israelis. But for some reason, Peretz - and the government - seems to have a death wish that requires waiting until God forbid the 'Palestinians' actually hit something that can cause major casualties. As if actually doing something about it before then would be morally wrong. Instead, Peretz wants to give Hamas another chance.

But here's the biggest, saddest joke of all: HaAretz reports that Peretz called on Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to clamp down immediately on the militants. Right. And Charlie Brown is going to hit the home run that will win the game (Charlie Brown at least wants to hit the home run that will win the game).

Four Sderot residents have begun a hunger strike outside Peretz's Sderot home. Tonight, when the warning signals went off, they had to run for cover.


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