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Friday, June 09, 2006

Bir Zeit University poll: 77% support 'Prisoners' Document' but 61% don't want Hamas to recognize Israel

A Bir Zeit University poll released earlier this week indicates that while 77% of the 'Palestinians' say that they will vote for the 'Prisoners' Document' and overwhelming majorities support a unity government and Fatah and Islamic Jihad joining the PLO, 61% still do not want Hamas to recognize Israel.

Here are some of the poll's highlights:

77% support President Abbas’s call to hold a referendum*.

· 77% will vote (YES) to the (Prisoners’ Declaration).

· 74% support that the PLO is the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinians.

· 83% support that (resistance) be focused in the Occupied Territories.

· 94% support a commitment to a democratic political system and regular elections.

· Willingness to vote for Hamas declined from 50% (5 April 2006) to 37% now (13 points decline). Voting for Fateh is stable at 37%.

· 64% support a national unity government.

57% evaluate the performance of Prime Minster Ismail Hanneyeh as (good).

· 48% evaluate the performance of President Mahmoud Abbas as (good).

· 54% believe that the current government distributes money in an (unfair) manner.

· 61% oppose that Hamas recognize Israel now in exchange for funding.

· 49% believe that funding should go directly to the Ministry of Finance.

· 33% blame Fateh and Hamas for having a primary role in the exacerbation of the current crises.

· 55% oppose to the establishment of the new security force, if not agreed upon by President Abbas.


At 6:01 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

Wow, the real pathology is that almost a majority believe Fatah and Hamas have no role in this situation.

Talk about an inability to take responsibility for their own actions!


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