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Monday, May 22, 2006

Peres: Abbas Abu Mazen afraid of Iran too

Shimon Peres says that Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen also fears Iranian nuclear capabilities.

YNet reports:

“Abbas told us, ‘We also can’t let Iran have nuclear weapons,’” Peres said Monday during a trade meeting in Tel Aviv. “The Iranian threat is not just an Israeli problem – every citizen of the world should be concerned,” Peres said.

“There is no escape. The whole world must organize on the Iranian issue, although I would figure the Iranians will take no heed anyway,” Peres said. “The problem of fanatical Islam is that they see themselves above all other people. The most dangerous regimes saw themselves as superior to others – that’s how it was with communism and with Nazism.”

So let Abu Mazen and his Hamas friends tell Iran to back off.

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