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Sunday, May 07, 2006

"The Paper" Gets Rubber Stamped

Atlas Shrugs has an update on the London Review of Books' defense of the infamous Walt-Mearsheimer paper on 'The Israel Lobby.'
An edited version of the Harvard paper appeared in the March 23 London Review of Books. Despite receiving what they describe as “a great many letters” criticizing its publication, some of which they reproduced, the editors of the literary journal said in the April 20 issue they stand by their decision to publish it. They also announced they will run a reply by Walt and Mearsheimer to the letters in the magazine’s next issue.

The magazine’s editors also noted that some of the letters congratulating the authors of the paper are of an “anti-Semitic nature.” One of them applauded Walt and Mearsheimer for having exposed a “secret Jewish conspiracy,” and its author felt the need to spell it “JEWISH conspiracy.” Nonetheless they asserted that what the letters supporting and opposing the article have in common is that they “come from people who appear not to have read the piece, and who seem incapable of distinguishing between criticism of Israeli or U.S. government policy and anti-Semitism.”

One of the letters was from Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz. Among other points, he took exception to two of the paper’s central arguments—the United States has become a target of “terrorism” because of its support for Israel and that Washington and Tel Aviv have different, if not conflicting, interests in the Middle East. [Washington and Tel Aviv? If that's what the London Review of Books wrote, that tells you where their sympathies lie too. CiJ]
Atlas points out correctly that "'The paper" and like endeavors are cloying malevolent attempts to alienate America from the Jews. This is not possible, unless you separate America from the very tenets that define her - life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Live free or die. This is not a religious issue. Values baby, it's all about values."

Read it all.


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