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Monday, May 22, 2006

Palestinian Civil War Watch - Gunfire 'erupts' in Gaza

We have some 'spontaneous' gunfire which magically 'erupted' in Gaza this afternoon. The driver of the Jordanian 'ambassador' to the non-existent country of 'Palestine' was killed in the gunfire.

According to the Jerusalem Post, this happened when Hamas gunmen traded heavy fire with Palestinian police near the 'parliament' building in Gaza City on Monday. The driver was killed and six people were wounded. The ambassador's car was hit by three bullets fired into the windshield. The 'ambassador' was not in the vehicle when it came under fire. It was not clear whether the vehicle was a target or inadvertently drove into the gun battle.

During the fighting, Hamas gunmen, holed up in an abandoned building fired a rocket-propelled grenade and threw two hand grenades at the police. And you thought they had no money to buy weapons....

The Jerusalem Post describes how the gunbattle spontaneously erupted:

Security officials said the incident began when members of a new Hamas army stopped a car carrying members of the Preventive Security Service, a branch loyal to moderate Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Preventive Security officials said Hamas gunmen fired at the car. Earlier, witnesses had said the incident began when Hamas forces patrolling the streets came under fire and sought cover in the abandoned building.

Reportedly, a Palestinian police cruiser trying to approach the area came under fire, the witnesses said.

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