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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ousted outstanding soldier gives Halutz ultimatum

Last night, I told you all about First Sergeant Hananel Dayan-Meged, who was expelled from his IDF unit for refusing to shake the hand of Chief of Staff Dan Halutz when Meged was presented with outstanding soldier honors on Independence Day. The reason: Hananel said he could not shake hands with "someone who had been responsible for removing Jews from their homes."

Now, Meged is threatening Halutz that unless Meged is re-instated he will do what all the leftists do: petition the 'Supreme Court.' Hey - if everything else is justiciable in Chief Justice Barak's courtroom, why not this?

According to the Jerusalem Post, Meged was quite blunt with Halutz:

Meged has requested that Halutz publicly announce, within three days, that he committed no offense and that he be reinstated to his unit.

In a letter written to Halutz by Meged's attorney Adi Keidar, Meged will petition the High Court of Justice immediately following the three-day deadline if Halutz does not acquiesce to the demand.

The biggest chutzpa award in this story goes neither to Meged nor to Halutz. It goes to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The Post once again repeats the line:

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who witnessed the incident, was visibly angry that the young soldier had allowed politics to intrude on such a special event.

And what about Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's own children's army service? As I pointed out here, his two sons currently reside abroad. Shaul, an adherent of Yesh Gvul (which refuses beyond-Green-Line military assignments), is now based in New York. Ariel, who never did IDF service, lives in Paris. Olmert, if elected, might soon be exposing other folks' kids-in-uniform to perils his own boys are spared.

And taking away awards that his own sons never deserved.


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