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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Israeli Civil War Watch - Twelve More 'Outposts'

Last night, Comrade Peretz signed an order to the IDF to prepare to evacuate expel all the Jews from twelve 'outposts' in Judea and Samaria. The twelve 'outposts' include Mizpeh Yitzhar near the settlement of Yitzhar; Yitzhar Darom (South); Havat Shaked; Givat Hadegel near Karnei Shomron; Givat Haroeh near Ramallah; Mizpeh Assaf near Beit El; Mizpeh Lahish near Hebron and Hazon David near Kiryat Arba. The 'outposts' had previously been designated for 'evacuation' under former defense minister Mofaz, but the orders were never carried out due to fear of a violent confrontation with the revenants.

However, signing the orders is not enough for Yariv Oppenheimer, director general
of Peace Piece by Piece Now. "Signing [the order] is a step in the right direction," Oppenheimer said. "But Amir Peretz has to stand firm and offer a definite schedule for the evacuation of all the outposts in the West Bank," he continued.

According to the Jerusalem Post:

Security officials estimated that the evacuations would be done gradually and not simultaneously. "To evacuate all of the outposts together would create a huge burden on the defense establishment," one official said. "It would be best to do them one by one."

Settlers, the security official further predicted, would most probably not violently resist the evacuation. The recent evacuation of a home in Hebron the official said, and the minimal resistance settlers demonstrated there, indicated that the right wing was aware that violence was not the way to prevent the inevitable.

You keep telling people it's inevitable and they're going to figure they have nothing to lose if they resist violently.

Officials in Comrade Peretz's office downplayed the eviction orders signed by the minister, claiming that the evacuation of illegal outposts was part of the coalition guidelines between the Labor and Kadima. I wonder whether that means that Shas has the right to vote against them under their agreement with Kadima Achora.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear petitions submitted by Peace Piece by Piece Now which has demanded that the state explain why it has so far refused to evacuate the illegal outposts despite orders that were signed two years ago.

The lesson in all this is that 'Peace Now' is interested in giving the country to the Arabs piece by piece, and has no interest in maintaining peace among Jews.


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