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Monday, May 22, 2006

Iranian terror leader claims 35 Jews volunteered for suicide attacks

This story on YNet strains credibility.

The leader of an Iranian terror organization, "The Committee for the Commemoration of the Martyrs of the Global Islamic Campaign," said on Sunday that he planned to send suicide bombers to Israel via Britain and claimed that 35 Jews also volunteered.

The Mahar news agency reported that the terror chief, Faruz Rajai-Far, told a Teheran conference that the organization's website registered 55,000 volunteers from all over the world to carry out suicide bombings. The volunteers, he claimed, included 35 Jews who don't live in Iran, as well as a number of Christians and other citizens. At the same time, the organization's website has been taken down, and cannot be viewed.


The organization claims it works independently, but it in fact receives support from the Iranian regime. Searches for new recruits are carried out mainly in Britain, due to the belief that it is relatively easy to enter Israel with a British passport.

Read the whole thing.


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