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Monday, May 15, 2006

Got a big one in Kabatiya

Yesterday, the IDF killed the terrorist who is believed to be responsible for all of the Islamic Jihad-sponsored terror attacks this year.

Terrorist Elias Ashkar was killed after the IDF was fired upon while surrounding the house in which Ashkar and four other terrorists were holed up in Kabatiya, near Jenin. The other four terrorists were also killed.

The Shin Bet (General Security Service) revealed Sunday that Ashkar - who was Israel's No. 1 terror suspect - assembled the explosives belt used in the Tel Aviv suicide bombing last month that killed 11 people, two of whom died of their wounds this past weekend. Israel held Ashkar responsible for planning all of the Islamic Jihad suicide bombings in the past year, including the Stage nightclub bombing in Tel Aviv which killed four, two suicide bombings in Netanya which killed eight, and a suicide bombing in Hadera in October in which five Israelis were killed. In total, he was held accountable for the murder of close to 40 people.

The Jerusalem Post reports that according to the Shin Bet, Ashkar received his funding from Islamic Jihad's Damascus headquarters.
"None of his terror plans would have reached their operational stage if the terror cell had not received funding from the Islamic Jihad headquarters in Syria," a security official said. "This money is fuel for terror and enables the terrorists to purchase weaponry and explosives and to recruit suicide bombers."


At 9:15 AM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...

One less, and another 4 as a bonus?

Too bad they could only die once. No 72 burnt raisins for them.

Syria seems to need a very strong 'message'. Bashar al-Assad should have stuck to Optometry.

Will Olmert actually do anything, or is he too busy giving away Israeli land?


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