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Sunday, May 07, 2006

British politician resigns after anti-Semitic slur

Isn't this special? A leading British member of the European Parliament has been forced to resign as the leader of the Liberal Democrats after sending anti-Semitic and abusive emails to a voter.

Chris Davies, the Liberal Democrats' leader in the European Parliament, was summoned to the office of party head Sir Menzies Campbell on Thursday to explain himself, and was forced to resign as party leader. He will apparently remain a member of the European Parliament.

According to the European Jewish Press:
The situation arose after Davies received an email questioning his comments condemning Israel as "an apartheid state".

The politician replied "Sounds like racism to me. I hope you enjoy wallowing in your own filth".

And in a further email Davies, the leader of the 12 Liberal Democrat MEPs in the European parliament, stated that if he were to stand for reelection he would “denounce the influence of the Jewish lobby that seems to have far too great a say over the political decision-making process in many countries.”
Davies also stated that those who had experienced Auschwitz seemed “not to care that they have themselves become oppressors.”

Davies apologized for his remarks, but nevertheless was forced to resign as the Liberal Democratic leader in the European Parliament.

The American Thinker notes that Davies seems to have gotten his "talking points" from Walt and Mearsheimer's unscholarly anti-Semitic paper "The Israel Lobby."


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