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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Brandeis Jihad Update

Just last night, I told you about Brandeis' relationship with al-Quds 'University' and three weeks ago I told you how Brandeis pulled an 'art exhibit' of 'Palestinian refugee' children that was put up by a self-hating Israeli Jew.

Well, Sunday is graduation at politically correct Brandeis. And there will be 'balance' between the Jews and the Arabs (not!). The commencement speaker will be Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan (whom al-AP describes as a 'long time peace supporter'), and Brandeis will grant an honorary degree to self-hating Jewish playright Tony Kushner, who believes that "that the founding of Israel was a 'historical, moral, political calamity' for the Jewish people." Kushner wrote the screenplay for Steven Spielberg's Munich, which managed to turn a Palestinian terror attack and the murder of eight Jewish athletes into a 'Palestinian' - but not a Jewish - tragedy.

But that's just fine with Brandeis President Joshua Reinharz. In an interview reported by al-AP, Reinharz says, "I will have great pride in what we're doing" on graduation day. The honorees, he said, exemplify Brandeis' four pillars: excellence, social justice, non-sectarianism and Jewish sponsorship. Translation: Jews pay and everyone else benefits.

Note that one of the people they interview in the article is an Israeli-Arab named
Manar Fawakhry, who is graduating from Brandeis after attending on a 'special scholarship.' Manar is going on to graduate school in conflict resolution. I wonder how many South African blacks were allowed to do that during the apartheid regime.


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