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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Brandeis and Al-Quds

At The American Thinker, Brandeis graduate Lori Lowenthal Marcus takes her alma mater to task for its relationship with al-Quds University, yet another hotbed of Palestinian terrorism (albeit with the kinder, gentler mask of Sari Nusseibeh at its helm).
Pro-Israel advocates critical of Brandeis’s evil twin have focused on Sari Nusseibeh, president of al-Quds and longtime friend of Brandeis president Jehuda Reinharz. It is unclear whether Nusseibeh still publicly praises homicide bombers or calls Israel a “racist, Zionist entity,” or whether he will again help another country direct its scud missiles at Israel (clear evidence exists that Nusseibeh has done all these things.) But it is the malevolent atmosphere at al-Quds that renders Brandeis’s continued relationship with it a form of assisted suicide for the Jewish people.

A wall-sized poster of the recent Tel Aviv homicide bomber in his shahid outfit, the al-Quds dropout who killed himself and eleven others, hangs in one of the al-Quds buildings. An American teenager, Daniel Wultz, died on Sunday as the result of this twisted creature who is, literally, the poster child for heroism at al-Quds University. Perhaps only students are responsible for draping their campus with a shrine to Jewish deaths. But it is not only al-Quds students who glorify the homicide bombers.

How absurd for the leaders of both universities to pretend that the chasm between Arab Palestinians and Jews – whether Israeli or otherwise – is being narrowed by this Partnership. Even now, al-Quds formally honors and glorifies murderers. It is the university itself, not the students, who name courses and whole “academic” centers after mass murderers.
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