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Monday, April 03, 2006

Report: France leading low-key talks with Hamas on EU's behalf

Last night I did a post in which I highlighted the vicious attacks on Jews that are going on in France today. The article that I attached to the post made it seem like this actually bothered the French. It apparently doesn't. Look what they are up to now:

France has been holding low-key talks with Hamas over the past few weeks, Army Radio reported Monday, citing a special document recently received by government sources.

The radio says that Israel is concerned that other states, including China, India and Japan, will soon publicly recognize the Hamas-led government.

According to the radio, the report says that despite the United States and Israel's ostracism of the new Palestinian government, the European Union, Russia and India have already launched contacts with Hamas representatives.

The document also reportedly claims that France has been leading the negotiations on behalf of the EU, India has already held an official meeting with senior Hamas officials and Russia's contacts, which apparently began before Hamas' victory in January's parliamentary elections, became official as soon as the results came out.


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