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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Convergence to a border of convenience

HaAretz Al-Ard's Amira Hass is a Jewish woman who lives in Ramallah and writes for HaAretz Al-Ard. Normally, I would not read her drivel - or recommend that any of you read it - without having a barf bag handy. But today she wrote an article that could have been written - at least in part - by Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D.

Rabbi Kahane always argued that we were deluding ourselves about the 'Palestinians.' He said that the 'Palestinians' would never live in peace with us, and would never accept only part of the land that they regarded as rightfully theirs. Therefore, Rabbi Kahane advocated paying the 'Palestinians' to leave - voluntarily, or if necessary, forcibly.

A lot of people in Israel are living with the delusion that - although they know it won't bring 'peace' - Ehud Olmert's 'convergence' plan will bring some prolonged period of quiet. They believe that Olmert can set Israel's borders and that the 'Palestinians' will listen and go quietly about their business. Hass, who lives among the 'Palestinians,' tries to shatter that delusion:
Security is an important element in the good life. Lovers of prosperity at the expense of others must believe that the convergence will provide them with personal security. It is very reasonable to assume that the residents of the settlement blocs will continue feeling comfortable and safe behind the various kinds of barbed wire, cement walls and locked gates, ignoring their role in the robbery. But the invisible Palestinians see and feel. In Israel they are counting on Palestinians accepting the robbery and inherent discrimination out of habit, international helplessness or Israel's military strength.

That is an illusion - like the illusion that reigned at the time of Oslo - that the Palestinians would accept the expansion of the settlements, being shoved off their lands and the draconian limits on their freedom of movement. The explosion that came at the end of September 2000 was caused by the violent clash between the international promise of peace and the reality of occupation and colonization. The convergence plan, which coagulates the violence of occupation in densely populated Palestinian areas, will bring forth and intensify three types of Palestinian rage: national rage due to the sabotage of the Palestinian project for a state, development and independence; economic rage of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who lost their land, property and livelihood to the Jews who prosper on the other side of the barbed wire; and religious rage, of those who turn for solace to the Koran and Allah, where they can find explanations stating that's the way Jews are.

The supporters of convergence and its architects are deceiving themselves by thinking that all these forms of rage won't burst out, or that it will always be possible to suppress them. Indeed, it is difficult to predict when and how the rage will erupt, but sooner or later, they will be back disrupting the dreams of comfort and convenience at the expense of another nation.


At 4:39 PM, Blogger westbankmama said...

The only real question is which will happen first - more disengagements, or the war that is brewing.


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