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Friday, March 17, 2006

Another Tack: Israel to the spur

Iin Friday's JPost, Sarah Honig points out some of the contradictions in Kadima Achora's campaign:

INTERVIEWS HE granted to almost every newspaper last weekend featured a surfeit of indefinable "spurs" - like Olmert's assertion that he'd make Israel "a country that's fun to live in." The Haaretz correspondents who quoted this inanity didn't press the prime-ministerial front-runner to clarify precisely what "fun" signified, why we need it, whether it's top of our wish list, when it would come, how and in what shape. They let him get away with syrupy obfuscation.

Olmert committed himself to nothing while simultaneously promising something to almost everyone. Thus all settlements beyond the security fence will be dismantled, but the fence is portable and the IDF will stay in evacuated territories. Olmert will keep Jerusalem unified but not necessarily Jerusalem as we know it today.

Kadima's rightist refugees of the Tzahi Hanegbi mold can dream of substantive settlement blocs, while the Peres-Ramon assortment of Labor dropouts trust these will be minimum-scale blocs. Olmert is a headliner for all persuasions.

He poses as the executor of Sharon's political last testament, deliberately obscuring the fact that, before his stroke, Sharon stated there'd be no more unilateral moves (not that anything he said could be taken at face value).

Fawning journalists don't harp on contradictions nor demand to know how Olmert plans to effect a separation between Israelis and Palestinians; how he'll expel 100,000 settlers when he couldn't resettle the 9,000 already uprooted; how a judenrein heart of the Jewish homeland and narrower territorial confines will enhance Israel's security; how his line of retreat will become Israel's new border when neither the Palestinians nor the international community would recognize it; how bestowing free gifts on Hamas would cool its genocidal ardor, and how he'll prevent Kassam rockets from spoiling the fun of Israelis in Kfar Saba or Ben-Gurion Airport.

Read it all.


At 1:20 AM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...

Caroline Glick gave a superb speech at Shaarei Tefillah Congregation (Toronto) on the election:


"Toward the end of her scathing critique of the state of Israeli politics, Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick looked up at the audience at the Shaarei Tefillah Congregation, and made an admission.

It pained her to have to describe the Israeli government in such unflattering terms, she conceded.

Though clearly uncomfortable, Glick continued a withering attack on Israeli policy, describing it by turns as reckless, despicable, divisive and morally unjustifiable.

“Is this the beginning of the destruction of the State of Israel or the end of the self-destruction of the Jewish people?” she asked at one point.

A native of Chicago who served in the Israel Defence Forces for five years after making aliyah, Glick said the government of Israel is pursuing policies that endanger the interests of Israel and its Jewish citizens...."

see rest of article.


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