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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Permanent members agree to refer Iran to Security Council

The JPost reported this morning that Russia and China have agreed to refer the Iranian nuclear issue to the Security Council... with debate to begin in March... by which time - as I point below - Iran is likely to have passed the point of no return on the path to developing nuclear weapons. And in the meantime, the referral to the Security Council is likely to freeze any military action against Iran... except maybe by Israel....

Permanent members agree to refer Iran to Security Council

The five permanent members of the UN Security Council reached a surprising agreement Tuesday that Iran should be hauled before that powerful body over its disputed nuclear program.

China and Russia, longtime allies and trading partners of Iran, signed on to a statement that calls on the UN nuclear watchdog to transfer the Iran dossier to the Security Council, which could impose sanctions or take other harsh action.

Iran did not immediately react to the decision on Tuesday.

Foreign ministers from those nations, plus the United States, Britain and France, also said the Security Council should wait until March to take up the Iran case, after a formal report on Tehran's activities from the watchdog agency. [Recall that IDF Intelligence Chief Ze'evi Farkash said that by March the problem has to be solved or Iran will be irreversibly on the way to nuclear weapons. This is yet another cop-out. No wonder China and Russia agreed. CiJ]


On Monday, Rice said the world agreed that Iran should not have the means of developing a nuclear weapon, and she criticized Iran's response to Russian attempts to mediate in the standoff.

"We believe that there is a lot of life left in the diplomacy," Rice said. "After all, going to the Security Council is not the end of diplomacy. It's just diplomacy in a different, more robust context." [Say what? CiJ]


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