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Monday, January 30, 2006

$100m promised to PA by Saudi Arabia could buy time

I don't understand something. If everyone agrees that no money should be given to the Hamas-dominated Palestinian Authority, why is this article seemingly so pleased that the Saudis have decided to give them money to 'buy time'? Why is time being bought? And what do people hope will happen during the time that this money buys?

Saudi Arabia could bail the Palestinian Authority out of an impending fiscal crisis following the landslide victory of Hamas if it transfers the $100 million to the Palestinian Authority that it pledged to PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas when he visited there in late December.

In addition to bailing out the PA, the money would also give Israel and the world more time to ponder how to deal with the PA following Wednesday's Hamas victory. [What is there to 'ponder'? The answer should be very simple: "We don't deal with terrorists." CiJ]

According to western diplomatic sources, Saudi Arabia pledged the money to Abbas because the European Union refused to transfer payment of some $60 million in November after the PA embarked on campaign economics: raising salaries and putting more people on its payroll. The Saudi money would be enough for the PA to pay January's salaries - about $60 million - and give it some additional breathing room.

Israel is scheduled to transfer to the PA some $60 million in taxes and customs revenues it collects for the PA on Friday. Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said at Sunday's cabinet meeting that Israel still had not decided whether - in light of the Hamas victory - it would indeed transfer the funds. [What's to decide? Since Olmert bowed to the wishes of the US State Department and allowed Hamas to run in the election, he has said that if Hamas won, we won't deal with them. Not 'dealing with them' ought to include not giving them money - otherwise it has no meaning. IF Hamas ever changes (which is about as likely as the sun rising in the west tomorrow morning), you can always change the policy. But for now, the answer to every question should simply be "no." CiJ]

In the evening, at a press conference with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Olmert said that Israel "has no intention of transferring funds" that will aid terrorists. [What the $#@% does that mean? CiJ] Underscoring that Israel was "very sensitive" to Abbas's position, [Abbas' position? Abbas is finished! The only question is whether Israel will manage to arrange for him to be exiled in Fwance or whether the Palestinian lynch mobs will get to him first as he deserves. CiJ] he said Israel had to be very careful that money it transferred would not later be used against Israel. [Money is fungible Ehud. Deal with it. CiJ]

Merkel said that Europe should not fund the PA as long as Hamas does not recognize Israel and disarm.

Government officials have said that Israel had the option of delaying the decision for a few days to see what developed in the PA, who would be a part of the new government, and whether international pressure would force Hamas to renounce terrorism and repeal its charter. One of Israel's concern is that if the international community cuts off all funds to the PA, Iran will step in, increasing its influence and sway over the PA. [Let the Iranians spend their money on the PA. How is it going to get here? The Iranian banks have no branches in Judea and Samaria. Every country in the world can refuse to let Hamas have bank accounts and then they cannot transfer funds except in brown paper bags. You can't transfer enough that way. CiJ]

If the Saudis make good on their $100 million pledge, the funds from Israel would be less critical for the PA, and Israel would buy some more time to watch the developments in the PA before deciding what to do with the funds. [Olmert is a dhimmi for thinking this way. Netanyahu should be attacking him twice an hour about this. CiJ] The money, government officials have pointed out, is not Israel's but rather tax and customs money it collects on behalf of the Palestinians. [So what? CiJ] Israel held up the transfer of this money to the Palestinians in November 2000, soon after the outbreak of violence, for some 18 months, before restarting the transfers following intense international pressure. [So now we're going to create the 'international pressure' on our own where it doesn't exist???? CiJ]


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