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Monday, December 22, 2014

American and El Al back together?

Just a couple of months ago, I reported that American Airlines and El Al Israel Airlines were ending their code share relationship.

As most of you probably know, I travel between Israel and the US pretty frequently. I was looking through American's website for tickets for the spring, and found the itinerary listed above. The first line - for those who don't recognize it - is an American flight number for a flight operated by El Al between Tel Aviv and London. In other words, it's a code share.

I have not seen any announcement from either airline that they are going back to code sharing.


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Brutal IDF troops give 'Palestinian' kids.. their lunches

IDF troops caught two 'Palestinian' children rummaging through garbage on Sunday... and gave them their lunches.
"After talking to our friends, it was clear to us we couldn't let those kids keep looking through dumpsters for food, while we had extra food," the corporal said. 

Normally, IDF soldiers meet Palestinian children when they riot, throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the troops. But after hearing the kids' plea: "We're hungry, we have no food at home and we're looking in dumpsters for something to eat," the paratroopers decided to give them a loaf of bread, meatballs, fruit, vegetables, hummus and snacks they had bought for themselves.

"One of the children told me he already searched through all of the dumpsters around. I told them to wait a few minutes until I got back," the soldier said. "We went out to them and sent them on their way with food and drink."
Before meeting the children, Corporal Oren wrote on his Facebook page that the pillbox he was stationed at was pelted with stones. "We were preparing to disperse the crowd, which was continuing the massive stones onslaught against us. I was preparing one of the crowd dispersal measures we had," he wrote. "At that moment, my sergeant noticed a little girl standing outside her house, between us and the rioters. He told me to cease fire and that I wasn't to fire until we made sure the girl is safe inside her home. During that time we were exposed to the stone throwers and were hit a lot and hard, but at no point did we even think to do anything while innocent children could get hurt."
He went on to say: "I hope the two stories I told you - as someone who is out on the field experiencing things without mediation - helped paint a certain picture of what soldiers deal with every day. Next time you hear someone in Israel or abroad slamming the IDF, saying we're not a moral army, you're welcome to send them my way."  
This is not exactly a safe thing to do. In the past, the 'Palestinians' have used children to hide adults and even occasionally as suicide bombers. 

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Where's the outrage over US spying? CIA agents instructed how to avoid secondary screening at Ben Gurion

Wikileaks has released a CIA document entitled "CIA Assessment on Surviving Secondary Screening at Airports While Maintaining Cover." The document, which is dated September 2011, has instructions for CIA agents traveling on false identities on how to avoid secondary screenings at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport.
"Secondary screening – a potentially lengthy and detailed look by airport officials at passengers not passing initial scrutiny – can significantly stress the identities of operational travelers," reads the introduction. "Referral to secondary screening can occur if irregularities or questions arise during any stage of airport processing – immigration, customs, or security – and regardless of whether the traveler is arriving, in transit, or departing. Officials may also randomly select travelers." 
The document details the reasons that could lead to security agents at Ben-Gurion to refer a traveler to secondary screening. "A review of clandestine reporting reveals examples of what various countries consider to be suspicious," it is written.
"Israel’s security personnel focus on frequent travel to Islamic countries," the document explains. "Security personnel at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, commonly refer military-aged males traveling alone with backpacks to secondary screening, regardless of their nationality or skin color."
The document includes a detailed description of secondary checks at Ben-Gurion.
"At Ben Gurion airport in Israel, the secondary screening room contains trace-detection equipment for explosive residue; tools for dismantling passengers’ personal items for inspection, particularly items unfamiliar to security officers; and a disrobing area, divided by privacy curtains, to conduct strip searches of individuals, if necessary," according to the document.
The CIA's internal guide book also refers to an internal manual from 2004 published by International Consultants on Targeted Security, an Israeli-founded company, which provides security advice to various governments on matters such as profiling techniques. The manual reportedly "lists suspicious signs in passenger behavior, documentation, tickets, or baggage." The document adds, "Although dated, the ICTS guidelines probably are typical and remain valid."
Now imagine what would happen if a Mossad manual were released that showed how to avoid being stopped at TSA checks in the US.... I know - it would be laughable.... But you can bet the Americans would be outraged.

This line is particularly telling:
"With the exception of Israel’s Ben Gurion airport and a few others, immigration inspectors conducting primary screenings generally lack the time and tools to conduct in-depth examination of travelers’ bona fides," according to the document released by WikiLeaks.
Sounds to this frequent traveler like a great argument for implementing Israeli-style security everywhere.... 

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Which Jerusalem?

Tzippy Livni is suddenly calling herself the guardian of Jerusalem.
"Israeli sovereignty here [...] is the expression of the historic link between a people and its land" Livni said during the ceremony, evoking iconic memories of the IDF soldiers who entered the Western Wall compound during the 1967 war."This holy place, this historical place, this place to which our deepest recesses are tied, will remain under Israeli sovereignty forever."
"Every time I'm at the Kotel," said Livni, "I see before my eyes the paratroopers who cried then, during the liberation of Jerusalem, their tears of excitement, of returning home. [...] Joy and excitement covered us all, like a tallit of happiness that enfolded every Jew in Israel and throughout the world."
Do you trust her not to give it up? Do you trust her to keep all of 'east' Jerusalem? Well, I don't. 

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Wrong again!

For the sixth consecutive year, President Hussein Obama has proven that he doesn't understand - or chooses to ignore - what Chanukah is all about. This is Jeff Dunetz.
Wednesday, for the sixth time since taking office, President Obama released a Hanukkah message that distorted the story of the holiday and served his anti-Israel policy. In his message, Obama left out the most essential part of the Maccabees victory: the recapture of Jerusalem and the re-dedication of the Holy Temple atop what is now known as the Temple Mount, a fact he's omitted every year of his presidency, and something his predecessor George Bush mentioned in each of his Hanukkah messages.
The liberation of Jerusalem and the cleansing of the Temple from the Hellenistic idols and rituals is a most important part of the Hanukkah story. In fact, the meaning of the name of the holiday in Hebrew translates to the word "dedication" in English. A fact that, unlike his predecessor, President Obama ignores in his presidential Hanukkah statements.
Read the whole thing.  When Obama doesn't like the narrative, he makes up a new one.

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Well, what a surprise....

I'm shocked. Just totally shocked. (Not!).

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Should this 'man' be Prime Minister of Israel?

Should this 'man' be Prime Minister of Israel?

Image from here (Hat Tip: Shy Guy).

Original story here.


Forgot to mention this: How bad a politician is Herzog? This is the very same man who, only a few days ago, agreed to give up half of his potential term as Prime Minister to a woman (Tzipi Livni) whose party, according to the polls, would NOT EVEN PASS THE MINIMUM THRESHOLD to get into the Knesset. He also gave guaranteed spots on his party's list to SIX of these unelectable people, without having to run in the primaries. 

This is a leader? 

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

John Kerry is a bigger fool than you thought

Shavua tov, a good week to everyone.

A European diplomat told Foreign Policy on Friday that US Secretary of State John Kerry has begged the Europeans not to push a negotiations deadline between Israel and the 'Palestinians' at the United Nations before Israel's March 17 elections.
Speaking at an annual luncheon with the 28 European Union ambassadors, Kerry cautioned that any action by the U.N. Security Council would strengthen the hands of Israeli hardliners who oppose the peace process. Kerry left open the possibility that the United States might ultimately support some sort of U.N. Security Council resolution that didn’t prejudge the outcome of stalled political negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians. He didn’t offer any details of what that kind of resolution would have to look like.
“Kerry has been very, very clear that for the United States it was not an option to discuss whatever text before the end of the Israeli election,” according to a European diplomat.
Well, duh. I could have figured that out on my own. But Kerry apparently couldn't.
The diplomat, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the luncheon was confidential, said that Kerry explained that Israel’s liberal political leaders, Shimon Peres and Tipzi Livni, had expressed concern that a Security Council move to pressure Israel on the eve of election would only strengthen the hands of Israeli hardliners, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Naftali Bennett, an implacable foe of a Palestinian state and leader of the right-wing Jewish Home party. Netanyahu is also fiercely opposed to the Palestinians effort to secure Security Council backing for its statehood drive.
Kerry said Livni had “told him that such a text imposed by the international community would reinforce Benjamin Netanyahu and the hardliners in Israel,” as well as the hardliners in Palestine, according to the European diplomat.
The message, said another European diplomat, was that U.N. action would “give more impetus to more right-wing parties, that there was a risk this could further embolden the more right-wing forces along the Israeli political spectrum.”
And when word of this story reached Israel after the Sabbath ended, our politicians reacted with fury... at Livni (There's nothing we can do about Peres anymore. He's supposed to have been put out to pasture).
"Tzipi Livni has hit rock-bottom in political subversion," Bennett stated, "by going behind the back of the sitting government to help schedule operations that will harm Israel and doing everything to hurt Bibi / Bennett."
"With all due respect, Livni's interests do not come before the state's interests, and demanding that an attack on Israel fit her schedule crosses a red line," he continued. "According to Livni, Israel is a country full of apologies, which is governed by political interests."
"I look forward to opposition leader [and Labor head - ed.] MK Yitzhak Herzog - whose intentions I sincerely appreciate - disciplining Tzipi Livni, who over the past few days has abandoned the state entirely and contributed to an atmosphere of incitement, and who is anarchic and dangerous to his campaign." 

"This shows that the sole interest of Livni and Herzog is to replace Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who as a bulwark against the [international] dictates and Palestinian pressure," the Likud party stated in an official statement Saturday night. It added that they are willing to make "dangerous withdrawals" and "fold to international pressure." 
"This election campaign has crossed all red lines," Likud MK Ofir Akunis stated Saturday night. "Ms. Livni failed negotiations with the Palestinians, [which] has been going on for years, and now gives advice to [the] American foreign minister, only to promote her personal political interests." 
"This is further proof that Livni and Herzog prefer to advance their political interests over Israel's national interests, and they are dangerous to Israel," he added. 
MK Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) wrote on Facebook that the move is "Leftist subversion."
"They asked to postpone cases ambush on Israel not because it is not good for the country, but that it is not good for the Left in the elections," Shaked fired. "This is unprecedented."
Meanwhile, Livni says she's just doing Netanyahu's job
"I turned to Kerry to safeguard the interests of the State of Israel, to prevent the world's coercion of Palestinian demands on Israel," Livni insisted. "I'm glad I did it and I'm glad that things I do have an impact on the world, what can not be said about Prime Minister [Binyamin] Netanyahu."
Livni then took her criticism one step further, taking the multiple statements by diplomats that she turned to Kerry to prevent Netanyahu and Economics Minister and Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett from getting votes and claiming instead that they should "thank" her for doing their job for them.
"Netanyahu and Bennett instead of criticizing me, should call me and thank me for helping them in doing what they cannot," she declared. 
Her arrogance knows no bounds. 

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Not a terrorist group?

For those who missed it, the European 'human rights commission' decided earlier this week that Hamas is not a terrorist group.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Personal update

I was involved in a car accident this morning. Thank God, I walked away unscathed, but my car was totaled. I have way too much work and lost way too many hours today to be posting. Will be back online as soon as possible.

Other driver an 'east' Jerusalem Arab who was going way too fast, but definitely not a terror attack.