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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Gaza is a funny place

UNRWA claimed in a tweet on Saturday that 'oppressed' Gaza has 252 schools (and 78 hospitals - a World Bank report puts that number at 30, still a lot for a small area).
Today, the number of schools has grown to 267. That's right - 15 new schools in a day.

And by the way, it seems that UNRWA forgot to coordinate their numbers with the 'Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.' The PCBS claims approximately 1.73 million 'Palestinians' in Gaza in 2014.  The CIA gives the Gaza 'Palestinian' population at the same time as 1,816,379 (as of July 2014).

But the CIA says 44.7% of the 'Palestinians' are aged 14 and under. I think that means there should be a lot more than 263,200 students.

Hmmm. You don't think someone's monkeying with the numbers, do you?

And by the way, how are they re-building with that alleged Israeli 'blockade' in place?


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At 2:44 PM, Blogger Wise Man said...

Please explain this: If there are 263,200 students in Gaza's schools, then what is the population of Gaza if 44% are under the age of 14 and therefore school students under 14 should comprise at the least 8/14 = 57% of the age cohort between 0 and 14 (these are all conservative estimates); and if you add the ages of 14-18 - another 4 years = 4/14 = 29% of the same younger age cohort. That is to say: 263,200 pupils should be 86% of 44% of the population, or 38%. That leaves us with a Gaza population of 692,000 people. Unless there is a low enrollment rate (and there is not) or these figures represent only a relatively small percentage of Gaza's schools (they apparently are all of them) what the FUCK is going on? How many people are there REALLY in Gaza? Is somebody raking of lots of money by living off the dole of dead and/or absent people?

At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The figures give an average of 1,000 students in each UNRWA school. If that's the case, where will they find room to store the rockets?


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